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Broken Arrow Disk Injury Chiropractor

Broken Arrow Disk Injury Chiropractor

If you are in the Broken Arrow area and you have suffered a back injury, Longevity Effect wants to help you through the process. An integrative health and wellness center, Longevity Effect provides a holistic approach and alternative therapies for various health needs – whether it’s pain management or improving your performance – we can help! Longevity Effect is here for your Broken Arrow disk injury chiropractor needs.


Back injuries can be some of the most uncomfortable, painful, and challenging to manage health problems you may encounter. At Longevity Effect, we know that everyone deserves a uniquely thorough approach to improving their health and vitality, that’s why we’ll work with you to diagnose and treat the problem. Make us your Broken Arrow Disk Injury Chiropractor!

Broken Arrow Disk Injury Chiropractor Treatment

When the spine and neck are properly aligned, all the disks, joints, ligaments, muscles, and nerves are happy, healthy, and functioning properly together. If an injury occurs and the natural alignment is lost, everything begins to work against each other causing pain, pressure, and discomfort.


Chiropractic treatment will successfully manipulate the spine back into its proper position and relieve the pressure on your disks, joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves. This particular treatment is called an adjustment, or spinal adjustment – a specific, controlled force is applied in a precise direction to a spinal joint that isn’t moving properly. 


Many people choose to pursue chiropractic treatment as a way to avoid strong pain medication and/or surgery; what they come to find is that regular visits not only improve their injury and help manage their pain, but also positively impact their overall health. Longevity Effect is dedicated to creating a unique and individualized treatment for you in an effort to help you avoid illness and injury in the first place.

What Makes Longevity Effect Different?

Why should you choose to pursue treatment at Longevity Effect rather than somewhere else? Longevity Effect has 3 main focuses: foundations, treating the whole person, and remedies. Rather than going to a chiropractor who only provides chiropractic care, Longevity Effect can care for you beyond your necessary treatment, and help you stay injury and illness free in the future.


The human body has foundations in three major areas of study: mechanics, anatomy, and physiology. Longevity Effect provides treatment for all three of these areas. They acknowledge that one dysfunction – chemical, structural, emotional, cannot be treated without focusing on the others, treating the whole person instead of just the symptoms. Remedies at Longevity Effect will include everything from chiropractic care, to clinical nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, and more.

Learn More About Longevity Effect in Broken Arrow, OK

Whether you have suffered an injury or have been experiencing chronic back pain for a while, it is time to visit Longevity Effect in Broken Arrow. We will work with you to determine a unique treatment plan, to help resolve your pain and help you prevent it in the future. Our passion is to serve you and help you live your life to the fullest. Longevity Effect is here for your Broken Arrow disk injury chiropractor needs.


If you’d like to learn more about Longevity Effect for your Broken Arrow disk alignment chiropractor needs, give us a call or stop by the clinic today!