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At Longevity Effect, we help individuals suffering from a wide variety of pains and discomforts. Perhaps the most common areas of complaint, however, are arm and leg pain. Although you may assume arm and leg pain indicates an issue with the extremity itself, the pain originates from the spine or large joints many times. 


Both the shoulder and hip joints have an extensive range of motion and are used almost always daily. Because of this, these joints are highly susceptible to stress, injury, and misalignment. Alternatively, arm and leg pain can also originate from misalignments in the spine itself. When nerves are compressed along the spine’s length, pain may radiate out through the affected extremity. 


Because there are so many complexities and possibilities associated with arm and leg pain, it is crucial to work with a team of chiropractic professionals dedicated to uncovering the root cause of the discomfort.


At Longevity Effect, we strive to provide a much-needed relief from pain and discomfort associated with a wide variety of issues causing arm and leg pain. With our help, you can return to the hobbies and activities you enjoy free of pain.

What Causes Arm & Leg Pain?

The potential causes of arm and leg pain are virtually endless. Some forms of chronic arm or leg pain may result from arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, sciatica, or more. In some cases, severe forms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may cause pain to radiate up the affected arm, causing what is perceived as arm pain. 


However, we have found that subluxations or misalignments along the spine cause most arm and leg pain. Whether due to misuse, injury, or an unknown cause, spinal misalignment leads to nerve compression and damage that can affect the arms and legs. 


Because there are so many potential causes of arm and leg pain, it is crucial to work with a Midtown Tulsa arm and leg pain chiropractor invested in your overall health and wellness. At Longevity Effect, we work to uncover the root cause of your arm or leg pain. Doing so allows us to effectively treat the pain source while providing much-needed relief from chronic discomfort.

Common Symptoms of Arm & Leg Pain

As you can imagine, arm and leg pain manifests itself in a wide variety of ways. Because there are so many causes of this type of pain, individuals may experience different symptoms.


Some of the most common symptoms of arm and leg pain include the following:


    • Numbness
    • Tingling
    • Stiffness
    • Loss of flexibility
    • Dull pain
    • Sharp, stabbing pain


If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, or other symptoms affecting your arms or legs, it is wise to seek treatment from a Tulsa arm and leg pain chiropractor.

Tulsa Chiropractor

Find Relief Through a Tulsa Arm & Leg Pain Chiropractor

At Longevity Effect, we believe that you deserve to live a life free from arm and leg pain! Our team is dedicated to uncovering the root cause of your pain and implementing an effective treatment plan.


Do you have additional questions regarding chiropractic care for arm and leg pain or similar conditions? Contact the Longevity Effect team for more information or to schedule an appointment today. Relief from arm and leg pain is within reach!

What if my question wasn’t answered?

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Chiropractic Care Symptoms | Longevity Effect

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A 9 month pregnancy can put lots of tension on a mother’s back. Chiropractic adjustment can help relieve the pain and damage in the back from pregnancy

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