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Longevity Effect is proud to serve as your local Tulsa scoliosis chiropractor. For those who have scoliosis, chiropractic treatment is proven to be extremely helpful in easing pain and suffering from scoliosis. Your back is made up of vertebrae, discs, joints, nerves, and muscles. If your spine is out of alignment, it can quickly become irritated from stress, injury, and misalignment. In addition, the misalignment of your spine can cause pain or issues in other connected areas of your body. Depending on the extent of your scoliosis condition, Longevity Effect can help to treat your symptoms!


Your spine is essential to your body’s daily function. It’s more than just a part of yourself that makes up part of your anatomy. It plays a central role and influences the rest of your body. If your spine isn’t positioned correctly to allow you to function normally, receiving gentle chiropractic adjustments can help restore your spine to its proper alignment.

What Causes Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine which occurs most often during the growth spurt before puberty. While there are a few known causes for this condition, like cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, often the cause for most scoliosis cases is unknown. Most scoliosis cases are mild, but some continue to develop more severely as a person grows. If a scoliosis case becomes severe, it can be disabling. When scoliosis is severe, it can shorten the length between the shoulders and the waist, making it hard for the lungs to function properly. 


If a child is diagnoses with scoliosis, they’re monitored closely to observe the curvature of their spine. There often isn’t a need for treatment. Some people with this condition wear a brace to prevent their scoliosis from developing further. Others may require surgery to keep their scoliosis from worsening or to straighten their spine.

Common Symptoms of Scoliosis

When the nerves surrounding your spine become compressed, you may experience pain affecting the surrounding areas. Pain can be caused by inflammation, muscle spasms, misaligned vertebrae, and slipped or herniated discs. 


Symptoms and signs include:

  • Uneven shoulders.
  • One shoulder blade appears more prominently or is higher than the other
  • Uneven waist or hips
  • One hip is higher than the other
  • Difficulty breathing due to a reduced area in the chest for the lungs to expand
  • Chronic back pain or muscle spasms

In more extreme cases, the spine will grow to twist and rotate while curving side to side. This causes the ribs on one side of their body to stick out further than the other side.

Find Relief Through a Tulsa Scoliosis Chiropractor

Detecting scoliosis as early as possible is critical to keep some cases from progressing. In addition, observing your child’s spine is vital for their future health. Nationally, around 3% of the U.S. population has a form of scoliosis. By noticing early signs of scoliosis and visiting your local Tulsa scoliosis Chiropractor, you can gently treat your scoliosis. 


Longevity Effect chiropractors are excellent healthcare practitioners who can provide care to relieve and reduce scoliosis pain. They can recommend exercises to support joints, ways to stay active without increasing your symptoms, ways to move and rest to reduce or relieve pain, and increase your breathing capacity.

What if my question wasn’t answered?

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What makes Longevity Effect different?


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AK evaluates the CHEMICAL, STRUCTURAL, & EMOTIONAL dysfunction of the patient acknowledging one can not be treated without focusing on the others to ensure the whole person and treated and not just the symptoms.


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Chiropractic Care Symptoms | Longevity Effect

If you suffer with any of these symptoms, chiropractic care may be for you.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc is common when bad posture continues for a long period of time. Chiropractic realignment can help fix the issue
Lower-back pain

Lower-back pain is one of the most common symptoms that can be resolved by chiropractic care. whether from a car accident, sports injury, or every day life, chiropractic can help

Whiplash can be a painful and lasting experience for those in a car accident or similar incident. A chiropractic adjustment plan can help fix the issues from whiplash
Pregnancy pain

A 9 month pregnancy can put lots of tension on a mother’s back. Chiropractic adjustment can help relieve the pain and damage in the back from pregnancy

Although chiropractic care is not proven to completely fix headaches or migraines, it has been proven to help relieve pain from headaches in many cases
Neck Pain

Whether from an old sports injury, or looking down at our phones, chiropractic can help relieve an assortment of different levels of neck pain
Digestive Issues

Though not proven to solve all stomach/digestive issues, chiropractic adjustment has helped relieve digestive problems in many cases
Blood Pressure

Chiropractic Care is certainly not a replacement for your medication or the suggested lifestyle to lower blood pressure, however, chiropractic care can help!

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