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HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna


HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna

The HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna is a tool designed with every patient in mind. From those who are looking to maintain and increase their vitality and health, to those who are facing a chronic illness—the HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna offers a combination of benefits. 


Reported Benefits:

  • Boosts Immune System
  • Inactivates Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi, Parasites
  • Assists Natural Healing
  • Removes Toxins & Free Radicals
  • Cleans Arteries and Veins
  • Improves Circulation


How Does the HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna Work?

  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Normalizes Hormone and Enzyme Production
  • Improves Brain Function
  • Relieves Pain, Calm Nerves
  • Helps Weight Loss

HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna Quick Facts:

  • Each session is 25-30 minutes long.
  • For the first 3-8 minutes of your session, carbonic acid (CA) and steam moisten the skin and enter through pores into the lymph system. CA is one of the few compounds that increases the uptake and delivery of oxygen at the cellular level.
  • Blood vessels and capillaries dilate, increasing blood circulation up to 25%.
    After the CA cycle completes, the ozone cycle begins. When ozone reacts with the water from the steam, it creates H202 which aids in destroying bacterial and yeast/fungal infections.
  • At the end of the session, all ozone and oxygen steam is extracted into the ozone destructor and the session ends!

The highest-grade ozone is key in seeing results from the sauna. We have seen many successes with the use of ozone to treat pain, inflammation and infection through the HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna. The sauna is extraordinary because it has the ability to expose the entire body to the healing effects of ozone.

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HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna | Longevity Effect

The HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna is commonly misunderstood. Most people wonder how the sauna really works.

About HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna | Longevity Effect

Floatation Therapy in Tulsa

HOCATT™ stands for “Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy” and the machine acts as a personal ozone steam sauna, in which patients sit with just their head exposed to the air, while their body receives the benefits of an infusion of ozone, carbon dioxide, steam, Photon light, and oxygen.


This sauna provides a person’s body with the ability to fight off parasites, bacteria, fungus, viruses, and even yeasts by the administration of ozone gas. The HOCATT™ can affect the neurological tissues in the body, enhance the way your nerves works, and also improve the lymphatic system.


The HOCATT™ even has the ability to help athletes become stronger by depositing more oxygen to their cells and improve the mitochondria’s ability to make energy resulting into more strength and endurance.


This is an excellent therapy whether you are battling a chronic illness, needing for a full-body detox, or someone looking to maintain and increase their vitality.


Ozone and the HOCATT™ is also a proven way to help with women’s health issues, like endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic pain, infertility ovarian cysts, and more.

Other Facts about Ozone

  • Ozone accelerates the production of energy, called ATP, in the mitochondria of the cell
  • Ozone can increase antioxidant enzyme system efficiency
  • Ozone kills bacteria, yeast/fungi, viruses and parasites in the body because these pathogens cannot produce antioxidant enzymes, allowing destruction by ozone
  • Ozone breaks down petrochemicals, removes toxins and free radicals in the body
  • Ozone increases Oxygen Utilization in the body’s tissues
  • Ozone increases immunity and antibody production
  • Ozone stimulates secretion of Interleukin-2, an immune system cornerstone, secreted by T-helper cells
  • Ozone inhibits cancer because cancer cells don’t produce enzymes needed for protection from ozone
  • Ozone stimulates the production of Tumor Necrosis Factor, inhibiting tumor growth
  • Ozone significantly increases interferon, which helps to orchestrate every aspect of the immune system
  • Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells
  • Ozone oxidizes and breaks down arterial plaque
  • Ozone increases flexibility/elasticity of red blood cells

Ozone is ONE of the several beneficial aspects of this sauna. The HOCATT™ also offers these therapeutic modalities:

    • Aromatherapy
    • Carbonic acid therapy
    • Electrotherapy
    • Exercise with oxygen therapy
    • Far infrared light therapy
    • Hyperthermia
    • Photon light therapy
    • Ultraviolet irradiation

HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna FAQ | Longevity Effect

Have questions about the HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna?
View these Frequently Asked Questions

What is ozone?

Ozone is a colorless gas in which each molecule is made up of three atoms of oxygen which are unstably bound together. Because ozone has a positive charge, it has an oxidative effect on organic compounds such as our bodies. It is drawn toward negatively charged foreign cells such as bacteria, yeast, viruses and parasites and neutralizes them, effectively killing active infections.

What does HOCATT™ stand for?

HOCATT™ stands for Hyperthermic Ozone & Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy.

What is it like in the Sauna?

The HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna is generally a very relaxing experience. Some patients even fall asleep while in the sauna. The temperature is warm and relaxing.

Will I have to get undressed to use the HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna?

Yes, We have you privately undress and cover yourself with towels while getting in and out of the sauna.

What if my question wasn’t answered?

Send all further questions to contact@longevityeffect.com. Your questions will be answered within 24 hours.

More about HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna at Longevity Effect


A special oxygen jet is placed around the neck to provide pure humidified oxygen to the nose and mouth. Special frequency specific Micro-Currents may be selected to stimulate the body through foot electrode pads and/or hand held electrodes. Far infrared rays (FIR) and steam heat up the body, and essential oils may be infused with the steam. Full spectrum color light rays also fill the chamber throughout the session.


CO2 is infused at a very specific flow rate at this stage to convert into carbonic acid as it reacts with the steam. The heat dilates the pores and the carbonic acid further potentiates that effect. Carbonic acid is one of very view compounds that naturally and without any side effects increases the uptake and delivery of oxygen at the cellular level.


The carbonic acid cycle stops automatically and the ozone cycle starts. The ozone cycle continues for the rest of the session. During this stage the ozone reacts with the steam to form ozone products on the surface of the skin. Thanks to the carbonic acid cycle, the efficacy of the ozone cycle in the HOCATT™ is potentiated by up to double, compared to normal ozone saunas.


At the end of the session, the entire volume of steam is extracted into the large-volume activated carbon charcoal destructor. This prevents releasing the ozone-oxygen into the room when the chamber doors open. The HOCATT™ is the only ozone sauna system in the industry to provide dual destructors.

HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna Symptoms | Longevity Effect

If you suffer with any of these symptoms, HOCATT™ may be for you.

Toxins & Free Radicals

High levels of toxins and free-radicals is a common issue for americans. If you experience high levels of toxins or free-radicals, the HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna could help you.
Yeast, Fungi, & Parasites

The HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna attacks all different kinds of issues including Yeast, Fungi, & Parasites. With the holistic approach of the HOCATT™, you can say goodbye to Yeast, Fungi, & Parasites.
Auto-Immune Issues

The HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna has been known to assist in the treatment of various auto-immune diseases. The HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna may be a viable treatment option for you.
Cold & Flu

The HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna can be used to treat symptoms as simple as a common cold or flu. If you are dealing with a cold or flu, give us a visit and find your relief.

The HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna is very effective in relieving inflammation in the body. If you are hoping to decrease inflammation, give the HOCATT™ Sauna a try.
Hormone Imbalances

The HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna has seen results in helping men and women with issues of hormone balances. The Detoxifying effects of the sauna help the body function properly and produce the correct amount of hormones.
Low Enzyme Production

Low Enzyme production can be a difficult and frustrating issue to deal with in everyday life. With a few visits to the HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna, your body can begin producing enzymes as its designed to.
Pain & Nerves

General pain and nerves in the body are a very common issue for most people. The HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna can be a great assistance in relieving this pain and nerves.
Low Circulation

If you have circulating issues, the HOCATT ™Infrared Ozone Sauna may be right for you. The Sauna can help low circulating with the detoxifying effect it has on the body.
Viruses & Bacteria

The HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna Removes toxins and free-radicals from the body as well as attacks Viruses & Bacteria. Some patients have seen results in as few as ⅔ visits to the HOCATT™ Infrared Ozone Sauna.