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If you or your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, you may think that your treatment options are slim. Often, people will turn to medication to treat ADHD. However, thanks to modern medicine, you have various options to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder other than just medicine. You’ve got your South Tulsa ADHD Chiropractor. Medication can have multiple side effects, including loss of appetite, extreme tiredness, and possible personality changes. Another concern is that children who start medicating young often turn into adults who overmedicate. This can lead to more long-term health concerns. Medication can often be a short-term solution to a long-term condition. By utilizing chiropractic care from a South Tulsa ADHD Chiropractor, you and your children can have a safe, natural, and lasting solution for managing symptoms. 

What is ADHD?

If you’re familiar with chiropractic medicine, you know it’s used to treat spinal issues and other common physiological conditions. This includes back pain, neck pain, joint problems, and headaches. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association reports many people who say chiropractic care has helped them or their kids manage the symptoms of ADHD more effectively.


ADHD is a brain-based condition that can be diagnosed based on behavioral symptoms. Our spinal cord sends neural signals from the brain to the rest of our bodies. If it’s misaligned, it negatively impacts the nerves and their function. By properly aligning the spine and removing pressure, your body’s nervous system can function better.


Because ADHD stems from issues with a neurotransmitter balance, a chiropractor can help manage your condition. Your Tulsa ADHD Chiropractor helps balance your central nervous system through alignment adjustments to correct nerve interference. By getting gentle adjustments, your brain and body can start functioning more optimally. Adjustments will align nerve interferences and allow for your neurotransmitters to start relaying messages in your brain correctly. This will allow for increased impulse control and better concentration that people with ADHD may struggle with managing. 

Common Signs of ADHD

This mental health disorder can cause above-normal levels of hyperactivity and impulsive behaviors. People who have ADHD may have trouble focusing on a single task or sitting still for an extended time. Both children and adults can have ADHD.


Common behaviors associated with ADHD include:


    • Trouble focusing or concentrating on tasks
    • Being forgetful about completing tasks
    • Being easily distracted
    • Difficulty sitting still
    • Interrupting people while they’re talking


There are three different types of ADHD: inattentive, hyperactivity-impulsive, and a combination. 

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Find Relief Through a Tulsa ADHD Chiropractor

If you or your children have ADHD, contact us—your local Tulsa ADHD Chirporactor! We’re committed to helping you achieve optimal health as naturally as possible. We strive to help you achieve balance not just in your body but in your life. By adjusting your body, you further adjust other areas of your life and find balance! Chiropractic care may be best for treating your ADHD symptoms.

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Chiropractic Care Symptoms | Longevity Effect

If you suffer with any of these symptoms, chiropractic care may be for you.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc is common when bad posture continues for a long period of time. Chiropractic realignment can help fix the issue
Lower-back pain

Lower-back pain is one of the most common symptoms that can be resolved by chiropractic care. whether from a car accident, sports injury, or every day life, chiropractic can help

Whiplash can be a painful and lasting experience for those in a car accident or similar incident. A chiropractic adjustment plan can help fix the issues from whiplash
Pregnancy pain

A 9 month pregnancy can put lots of tension on a mother’s back. Chiropractic adjustment can help relieve the pain and damage in the back from pregnancy

Although chiropractic care is not proven to completely fix headaches or migraines, it has been proven to help relieve pain from headaches in many cases
Neck Pain

Whether from an old sports injury, or looking down at our phones, chiropractic can help relieve an assortment of different levels of neck pain
Digestive Issues

Though not proven to solve all stomach/digestive issues, chiropractic adjustment has helped relieve digestive problems in many cases
Blood Pressure

Chiropractic Care is certainly not a replacement for your medication or the suggested lifestyle to lower blood pressure, however, chiropractic care can help!

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