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Tulsa Ozone Therapy

Tulsa Ozone Therapy

Ozone which is a form of oxygen, can be used to introduce ozonides into the body. Ozone therapy has been used as a therapeutic treatment to bring forth greater well-being and relaxation. This treatment has been used for over 150 years. This therapy works by stimulating the immune system naturally. Through Ozone Therapy, participants can experience decreased pain, relief from various sicknesses and ailments, reduced inflammation, and other health benefits.

Ozone Therapy in Tulsa

Tulsa’s Best Ozone Therapy

Here at Longevity Effect, we have one of the best Ozone Therapy programs in the Tulsa Area. Ozone Therapy is a safe and effective treatment. Longevity Effect offers two types of Ozone Therapy services. Nasal Insufflation is a safe and effective way to benefit from the inhalation of medical-grade ozone. At Longevity Effect, we believe in offering services that both treat current ailments and prevent future issues from arising. Nasal Insufflation accomplishes both of these tasks in a straightforward treatment. Similar to Nasal Insufflation, Auricular Insufflation aims to treat both conditions associated with the ear and throughout the body. This safe and effective form of ozone therapy uses medical-grade ozone gas, introduced into the ear canal using a specialized tool. The Auricular Insufflation treatment is one of the quickest forms of ozone therapy, often completed in under ten minutes. Ozone Therapy can be used for acute and chronic conditions. Longevity’s Ozone treatments are overseen by doctors who have received their Advanced Ozone Certifications and are members of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy.


Longevity Effect is the best place for customized and holistic integrative chiropractic and functional medicine. We will assist you with your total well-being. We offer Chiropractic treatment, Clinical Nutrition, Acupuncture, Prolozone & other natural injectable therapies, and being able to precisely diagnose and treat every patient based on their symptoms and history. The goal of Longevity Effect is to help you to focus on your general health and wellness today! This will help reduce long-term health issues and associated costs. Visit Longevity Effect today for mind and body wellness!

Check out our services for your every holistic health and wellness needs. We are one of the only centers that offer Float Therapy in Tulsa, OK.

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At Longevity Effect, we have many years of experience in functional medicine and integrative chiropractic technologies. We can help you live your best life, relieve stress, and put you on track towards total health and well-being. You can trust our team of professionals to devise a customized treatment plan to help your mind and body. Longevity Effect considers the client’s chemical, structural, and emotional dysfunction, acknowledging one cannot be treated without focusing on the others to ensure the whole person is treated and not just their symptoms. Through our vast array of services, we address these issues helping you to achieve holistic health and wellness. Visit us today to see how we can help you!